3 easy ways market “you” as a brand online

June 18, 2014

Etail Success - Branding


We all know that we should represent ourselves to the best of our abilities at all times in life and especially in business. This also applies online, and we must make sure we represent our own brand online as well as offline.

Here are my 3 key tips to be your own brand:

Network, Network, Network

Networking with people, is first on the list on how to properly market yourself and your brand.

You should be visible on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on your blog, but you also need to be seen at events related to your brand’s niche or the services you offer.

This is a great opportunity to meet with people who are interested in your brand or the products/services you offer.

Be update to date and available

You should be online everyday. Not necessarily online for the entire day, but at least have a time to answer queries, emails, comments and feedback from your clients/fans so they feel special and that you value their online presence.

Frequently post photos and articles that are relevant to your page to boost audience interaction and keep your fans updated.

Be yourself

It’s OK to get inspiration and ideas from others, but like Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

Marketing your own brand is tough and challenging, especially if you’re new to the industry you’re in, but always remember that quality and originality must come first.

Originality and your content should be on your priority list – it is also a great way to grow loyal fans.