Amazon to create a whole host of new UK jobs…and Freddie becomes brand ambassador

July 13, 2011

Good news this week as Amazon, the online retailer, is to create more than 900 new jobs here in Britain.

How does an online retailer create so many jobs you may ask?

Well, the jobs come with their plans to open up a seventh UK fulfilment centre.

The packing warehouse that will measure around 700,000 square feet will be located in Rugely, Staffordshire and will look to begin operating this September – as well as being fully staffed by the end of next year.

And it won’t just be permanent jobs, as Amazon will also be creating some temporary roles – however, exact numbers of each are unknown at the moment.

The Rugeley operation is the second new fulfilment centre that the online retailing giant has announced this year. Back in January Amazon made it public that they had plans to open up a 1m square foot centre in Dunfermline before the end of the year – such a centre will create 750 new permanent jobs and during peak times as much as 1,500 temp jobs.

Arthur Valdez, vice-president of operations at, said: “The centre at Rugeley will play an important role in fulfilling orders for customers in the UK, Europe and all over the world.”

The reason behind Amazon’s ambitious expansion is partly down to the release of the Kindle – a spokesman for Amazon explained that it has been investing in capacity to meet the growing demands for the hugely popular e-reader device.

The Kindle will also pave way for a new customer service centre to be built in Edinburgh next month, offering technical support to owners of the Kindle. The Scottish-based operation will create 500 permanent and 400 temporary positions.

Amazon, launched in October 1998, originally sold books but now their range has continued to expand as last summer they began selling food – adding to their already diverse range, which spans from DIY equipment to jewellery and electronics.

Mr Valdez also had this to say: “We have a busy Christmas coming up and look forward to assembling a team of talented people who will play their part in ensuring that customers receive the millions of items that will be ordered over the festive season.”


In other news…

Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, former England cricketer, has agreed to a “brand ambassador” role with N Brown, the home-shopping clothing retailer begind Jacamo.

For the next month, Flintoff will be designing his own range for Jacamo, the brand for “big and tall” men, and at 6ft 4in the ex-cricketer fits the bill.

Alan White, chief executive of N Brown said: “With his broad athletic build, [Freddie] will no doubt provide a strong point of identity for our customer base.”

So watch out, Freddie’s coming to a catalogue near you!