Apple to be crowned the world’s most valuable company…Retail Trust has launched a twitter campaign, #highstheroes

August 12, 2011

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The technology goliath is likely to be crowned the world’s most valuable company tomorrow after briefly stealing the coveted title from Exxon Mobil earlier yesterday as stock markets on Wall Street rebounded.

Estimates report that the market capitalisation of the manufacturer responsible for the iPad and iPhone touched $341.5bn (£210bn) during afternoon trading, only just surpassing Exxon as Apple’s shares made a 3.5pc jump to $365.13.

The crowning of world’s most valuable company will most certainly be the highlight of what has been a tremendous 14 years for Apple. Steve Jobs rescued the company from the brink of bankruptcy in 1997 when he again took the helm of the company he co-founded in his garage in the late 1970s.

Since then it really has been a case of global dominance for Apple, no doubt escalated through innovative designs; the iPod, the iPhone and now the iPad. Not to forget it’s Apple Macs, which have continued to sell well.

Apple products surround us, they are a part of our everyday life; as I type this on my Apple MacBook Pro, I’m listening to music off my iPod whilst elsewhere in the house, three iPhones are charging.

It’s this innovative string of products that really began with the iPod, that have help establish the company’s dominance in the world of consumer electronics and helped the company deliver $7.3bn of profits last quarter.

“Apple is the company when it comes to innovating in technology,” said Colin Gillis, a technology analyst at BGC Partners.

Apple’s ever-rising share price has more than quadrupled in the past four years, and before the stock market’s recent tumble touched the $400 mark for the first time.

And despite the prospect of a deepening slowdown in the US economy and the crisis afflicting the eurozone, most analysts will still recommend buying Apple shares.

So as the battle wages on between Exxon and Apple for the prestigious title, many observers wonder if any technology-based company will ever touch Apple and it’s array of market leading products.


In other news…

I’ve got some positive news for the retailers affected by the London riots.

Retail Trust has launched a twitter campaign, #highstheroes, to raise funds for retail staff and shopkeepers affected by the riots.

The Trust says that anyone can donate as little as £1 and all of the donations will go directly to those retail staff and shopkeepers whose entire livelihoods have suffered due to the damage caused by the rioters and looters.

The Retail Trust Helpline, 0808 801 0808, is open 24/7 for retail staff and shopkeepers affected directly or indirectly.

Contributions at any level can be donated via their website, or by texting HSTH11 £5 to 70070.

It’s tough times for retail, especially those affected, but group ethic like this shows that we can all do something