ASOS on Fire for second time

June 21, 2014

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Massive fire closes etailer ASOS 

This is the second big fire in it’s short history – both caused significant damage and closed the website.

It is a sobering thought when you see such damage to an internet/online company.

We live in a technology world and we forget that the purpose of an etailer is to get physical products to their customers.  This means they need a warehouse and lots of stock.

ASOS warehouse in Barnsley is a huge 60,000 sq metres and houses over 10 million boxes and packaging – massive by any standards.

Before I ask a couple of obvious questions, I want to make sure that all our clients are thinking about their own warehouses – Do you have the right protection for your stock and are you insured?

This type of event can bankrupt a business – make sure you are covered and safe.

Back to ASOS – Why has it happened a second time?  Surely they should learn from the previous fire and the catastrophe that caused?

And secondly, Are ASOS using the correct fire and Health & Safety procedures???

Knowing Nick and the team, they will no doubt bounce back, but questions need to be asked internally as to why this happened, and for your business you need to make sure you have a plan for your own business