Autumn Speaking line up: How Blockchain will transform the Retail Value Chain

September 7, 2018

Blockchain Speaker

As I arrive back from summer holidays, I realise that the next two months are full of conference keynotes in the UK and Europe, where I will be talking about how I believe that #Retail, #Ecommerce and #omnichannel will be transformed by #Blockchain technology.

I have been working in this area for around three years, and I am super excited to share the latest thinking around the applications of Blockchain, now and in the future. All of my sessions will be practical focused sessions around how Blockchain works, and in most sessions I will explore the 16 use cases we are looking at in Retail and supply chain. I will give overviews of the idea for the use cases, the benefits of these and share some of the Real Implementations we have completed for customer at #Oracle in the last few months.

Blockchain, together with IoT, AI and other emerging Technology, will allow all Retailers to compete with Amazon an transform their business models.

Join me at any of the following events to learn more. If you cannot make any of the events, please contact me and we can arrange other sessions for you and your teams. I look forward to sharing the Blockchain story with you all over the coming weeks

12th September 2018 – Tech.Retail-week – 13:25 13:45 – Printworks, London – Blockchain in retail – How blockchain will revolutionize retail as we know it

The retail industry is a globally connected network of suppliers, brands, retailers and customers interacting in both physical stores and with digital online channels. This makes the retail industry an ideal beneficiary for the blockchain revolution. Join us to explore the ways in which retailers can benefit from blockchain now and over the next few years.

20th September 2018 – FT Future of Retail Summit – 11:55 12:10 – Jumeirah Carlton Tower , London – Omnichanel retailers can now compete and beat Amazon!

Learn how Blockchain technology will help the retail industry become more transparent, more efficient and better equipped to challenge Amazon head-on. From Supply chain to back office, Blockchain technology will transform your retail business. Discover how this can happen for your brand.

26th September 2018 – Blockchain Live – 10:50 11:15 – Printworks, London – Innovating Retail And Supply Chain – Blockchain As A Key Component Of Digital Transformation Strategies

18th October 2018 – Retail 4.0 – 14:00 14:40 – Berlin, Germany – The Transformational Opportunities with Blockchain Technology in Retail and Supply Chain

As Blockchain technology maturity grows, the opportunities to transform your business with this technology grow to – learn from Antony Welfare about the latest Blockchain use cases and areas where Blockchain technology will transform retailers and supply chains unrecognisably. Imagine a world where you can see all the components of your products, where they are from and when they were made – which you then make available to the customer – delighting them with your complete transparency.