Blockchain in Retail: Omnichannel retailers can now compete and beat Amazon!

September 21, 2018

I recently spoke at the FTLive Future of Retail Summit with a distinguished list of attendees and keynotes speakers from the biggest retailers and brands around the world.

In an ever complex Retail world, the basics are critical:

You must have one view of your customer and one view of your stock

With Blockchain technology; transparency, real time data and shared ledgers will enable you to know where your stock is and where your customers interact at any stage, anywhere in your supply chain or selling channels

Add Blockchain technology to cloud, IoT, AI and other emerging technology and you can win the battle in the new Retail world

It was great to get feedback on the content and even Doug Gurr (Amazon UK MD) referenced my title and thanked me for the advice to Amazon 🙂

I have uploaded my slides on my session for you share – if you would like to discuss more please contact me and I will be happy to discuss further.

“The retail industry is a globally connected network of suppliers, brands, retailers and customers interacting in both physical stores and with digital online channels. This makes the retail industry an ideal beneficiary for the blockchain revolution. Join us to explore the ways in which retailers can benefit from blockchain now and over the next few years.”