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Amazon #1 Bestseller – The Retail Handbook

A massive THANK YOU to all of you who supported my book over since I published in Feb – as of yesterday I become a #1 Amazon best seller in all three categories the book is listed ….above #Jeffbesos and #Amazon, #SamWalton from #Walmart and of course #MrSelfridge – A fabulous store and our f… More

Amazon – “Home of Black Friday” Store Visit – Nov 22 2017

I have just been to visit the very interesting #Amazon #BlackFriday pop-up store in Soho square, #London, UK and it was a very fun and pleasant experience – with #Mince pies everywhere!!! The outside of the store looks very “christmasy” with plenty of Christmas decorations and lots of gifts and home fu… More

The Good, The Bad and The reality of Digital Transformation in Retail

THE REALITY FOR FINANCE PROFESSIONALS WITHIN RETAIL In partnership with Stanton House, I hosted a Finance Director evening to discuss Digital Transformation in Retail. The ongoing external pressure and expectation to invest in digital transformation and a consumer first strategy continues to have a fundamen… More

The good the bad and the reality of digital transformation in retail

Summary of Workshop with Antony Welfare discussing Digital Transformation in Retail Download the PDF version here It goes without saying that retail is one of the most public examples of how the need to integrate online and offline experiences has revolutionised an industry. Whilst disruptive brands and techn… More

How to spend Bitcoin on your shopping – What are the benefits and how does it work?

Bitcoin As I learn more about Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum, I have decided to open a Bitcoin debit card to test out paying for my goods and services with a Bitcoin backed card. I am UK based, but I travel a lot to Europe and have applied for a EUR card. This is a fantastic benefit of Bitcoin as I can purc… More

How can Blockchain affect the Retail and Consumer brand sector?

The Retail industry is a globally connected network of suppliers, brands, retailers and customers – interacting in both physical stores and with digital online channels. Retail, per-se, is a very simple concept – you buy a product and sell it on to your customer, but the complexities of this on a global … More

Cut the Bull**** – Retail Means Retail

  Buzzwords are found in every industry and in our industry we have a few buzzwords around…omnichannel, multichannel, multiple channels and ecommerce…….these are not new forms of retail… Retail means Retail – and the basic principles still apply just as they did in the past… More

As we move into 2017, and the most challenging retail year yet, does the past help you compete?

I have the good fortune to have been born into a retailing family, and have been working in shops since the age of 15 years old. I started work in our local newsagent, after spending my younger years talking about “The shop” with my family. “The shop” comprised of a High street building with a groun… More

M&S Close stores…but where is the Digital strategy?

This morning I discussed M&S latest results live on Sky News: The results were “ok” and “not bad as bad as expected”, but they are far from what they should be and what the brand could achieve. Steve Rowe, the new CEO, is making decisions and taking action to help stem the decline… More

Digital transformation insights from inside global brands and retailers

Over the last 18 months, I have had the pleasure to work with some of the largest consumer brands and retailers across the globe, on Digital transformation development programmes. I have developed a world leading two-day transformation programme, which has been delivered across the world, to all levels of tea… More