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Social Media Essentials – Double Book Launch

Social Media Essentials Double Book Launch On 24th March, author Antony Welfare launched his TWO new Social Media books at the Institute of Directors. Attended by many people from Small businesses and author networks, Antony hosted an evening with a number of guests and support for Small businesses looking t… More

Six Social Media traits for Great Leaders

Last year McKinsey carried out some excellent research on the skills needed as for every leader on Social Media.  They carried out in depth research with global businesses and their top level executives. As we have seen Social media is now becoming a hot topic for businesses around the globe, small and large… More

When is Social Media Engagement the Highest? Weekend or weekday?

We all have the same challenges with Social media regarding the times of the week we post our content.  Understanding WHEN your community engages the most is importantly to help you schedule your content at a time when your community is most engaged. Most marketers post when THEY are at work and not when the… More

Content is key and Keywords are your key to success

Content is the information that you share with your communities via social media networks and other media. One of the most important concepts and understandings that you need to have as a business, as an author, as a speaker, as a thought leader is that content is key. If you are on social media and if you a… More

Tesco 2014: The year to regret – Tesco 2015: The Birth of a New Tesco

This morning I discussed Tescos’ disastrous 2014, the Christmas trading results and the future for Tesco on Sky News. Tesco has had an extremely difficult 2014 with many issues, which led to a significant fall in sales, profits and the share value: · Tesco sales and profits have fallen significantly · Te… More

“I am the Creation of your imagination” – YOU create your own image of people

The title of my blog is very important – “I am the creation of your imagination” (Leadership Quote) – please take a moment to think about this sentence before you read on The statement is from a real sign, which I see most days, in north London where I live. It is above a creative environment in a re… More

Dinner with Andrew Marr – His top six traits of a GREAT LEADER

As part of my work on Thought Leadership, on Tuesday 4th November I was privileged to have been invited to a Thought Leaders dinner with Andrew Marr the keynote speaker, at the amazing Simpsons on the Strand. Andrew discussed the six traits of a great leader, based on his extensive experience interviewing an… More

Social Media – What is it?

Antony Welfare talks about what Social Media is and why it is important for all businesses and people Social Media is new Social Media is global Social Media allows you to connect Social Media allows you to share knowledge Social Media is important for business Social Media is evolving Social Media allows y… More

Instagram starts paid advertising

  Instagram announces that it is rolling out Paid for advertising in the UK. This has been long anticipated since the Facebook acquisition and is part of Facebooks’ monetise business strategy. I think this is a good move for retailers and the Social Media world, as it will help to level the playin… More

Use your brain before you share #useyourbrain

I have become increasingly more concerned with people using Social Media who share fact-less, drama induced updates. Over the last few weeks we have had the “Facebook Messenger is taking over my phone saga” and the last 12 hours we have the “London Underground is going to be attacked”.… More