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Retailvention #Nespresso #London

Nespresso – New retailing innovation in the UK This new concept focuses, on telling the brand story by providing a tailored, educational and experimental experience for the customers, where they can try out the different blends of coffee and live the experience of a high level coffee brand. Nespresso h… More

Tesco 2014: The year to regret – Tesco 2015: The Birth of a New Tesco

This morning I discussed Tescos’ disastrous 2014, the Christmas trading results and the future for Tesco on Sky News. Tesco has had an extremely difficult 2014 with many issues, which led to a significant fall in sales, profits and the share value: · Tesco sales and profits have fallen significantly · Te… More

Dinner with Andrew Marr – His top six traits of a GREAT LEADER

As part of my work on Thought Leadership, on Tuesday 4th November I was privileged to have been invited to a Thought Leaders dinner with Andrew Marr the keynote speaker, at the amazing Simpsons on the Strand. Andrew discussed the six traits of a great leader, based on his extensive experience interviewing an… More

Social Media – What is it?

Antony Welfare talks about what Social Media is and why it is important for all businesses and people Social Media is new Social Media is global Social Media allows you to connect Social Media allows you to share knowledge Social Media is important for business Social Media is evolving Social Media allows y… More

The E-Revolution – Disrupting old business models

As part of the E-Revolution, “disruptive technologies” have been responsible for the demise of a significant number of large and small businesses, primarily because it has enabled people to challenge traditional operating models. One of the biggest upsets was the invention and adoption of peer-to-… More