A very civilised Black Friday 2015

November 28, 2015

Black Friday 2015 has turned out to be a civilised event.  Gone are the images and videos of people fighting for the best offers in stores at opening.

Instead you retailers are taking plenty of online and mobiles orders – their systems are quietly adding lots of pennies to their bank accounts.

Customers have chosen to stay at home (or in the office) and shop via the increasingly customer centric, online channels, be that on a mobile phone, a tablet of a laptop.

Black Friday 2015 has been stretched out for a few days and most retailers are continuing the sales into Cyber Monday, which follows Black Friday.

Many customers have looked around online over the last few days and are happy to order from the comfort of their homes.

I am sure we will hear about delivery issues over the next few days, but so far so good for a successful Black Friday 2015

Update: 01/12/2015

Black Friday weekend sales reach £3.3bn

The total spend for the 4-day Black Friday weekend in 2015 reached £3.3bn, according to IMRG and Experian.

  • Black Friday: £1.1bn
  • Saturday 28th: £561m
  • Sunday 29th: £676m
  • Monday 30th: £968m

Some retailers launched campaigns starting on Monday 23 November to continue over the full week, while others are still running them over the coming week. There have also been reports that some retailers saw very high sales activity on days when they launched their campaigns.