Commercializing Blockchain – Strategic applications in the Real world

November 5, 2018

Very excited to announce that my new book “Commercializing Blockchain – Strategic applications in the Real world” will be published in summer 2019, by the global publishing house Wiley & Sons.

As I sit here in a beautiful tropical garden in Mexico, I wanted to share the journey so far and excite you for the book to come. I started this book in April when I was on holiday in Canada, visiting my 94 year old gran, who has always been an inspiration in my life and her father is the retailer behind our family – #TheRetailHandbook of course

Over the last few months, I have been writing the manuscript all over the world: from Spain to Germany, Greece to Lebanon, France to Portugal, Italy to England and Canada to Mexico.

The book is not only a well travelled experience repository, it is also being enhanced by the addition of a number of worldwide contributors, who are writing different additions to the book.

These contributions will add significant value to the readers – Blockchain technology is so new, we need as many people as possible to talk about the real life implications of Blockchain technology.

The Blockchain world is about Trust and Transparency, and this new book will help you to understand how this transformational technology will change your lives, business’s and communities forever.

Keep an eye on my updates for more news during 2019 and a massive thank you to all my contributors, who are adding a complete view on: Commercializing Blockchain – Strategic Applications on the Real World