Content is key and Keywords are your key to success

January 27, 2015

Content is the information that you share with your communities via social media networks and other media.

One of the most important concepts and understandings that you need to have as a business, as an author, as a speaker, as a thought leader is that content is key. If you are on social media and if you are online, having good quality, relevant content is an absolute must. You can only build a large and engaged community with lots of relevant and quality content.

All content needs to be:

• Relevant – Ensure your content is relevant to your audience. Ensure the topic is what they are wanting to hear about and that you share this in the right communities.
• Timely – Some content is very timely i.e blogs on events that are happening, and need to be shared at a point in time where it will have the most impact.
• Good Quality – Make sure every piece of content you share with your community is of good quality and reflects you and your business well.
• Engaging – You are trying to build a community, and to do that you need to be engaging. Your content needs to engage with your community and allow them to interact and engage with you.

Social Media Essentials - Content is key