Digital transformation insights from inside global brands and retailers

August 6, 2016

Over the last 18 months, I have had the pleasure to work with some of the largest consumer brands and retailers across the globe, on Digital transformation development programmes.

I have developed a world leading two-day transformation programme, which has been delivered across the world, to all levels of team members.  The unique two-day course is designed to introduce the teams to the world of digital, equipping them with a comprehensive understanding of the disciplines required to trade successfully in the digital economy.

Over the two days, we take delegates on a journey which starts with understanding the customer, and how they research, browse and buy using a number of different touchpoints, online and offline. On the following day, we then run through the different functions and tools that enable the business to sell more.  Hosting this programme around the world, for multiple clients, has given me a great understanding of the Digital challenges facing retailers and consumer brands.

I summarise my thoughts and observations here and would love to hear your comments (please post your comments at the end of the article):

  1. Digital is still new…but it’s global and here to stay……the iPhone is only 10 years old, but it feels much older than that…
  2. Think about: What happens when 80% (or more!) of your sales are influenced by digital? – this is becoming a reality, and yet most retailers and consumer brands only measure the actual sales through the channel and allocate resources accordingly – this could under resource your Digital potential significantly
  3. Fear is high – Staying in your “comfort zone” is not going to help your business grow and survive. Embrace change as the world is changing fast, and your customers are changing even faster
  4. Change is hard – We all know this, but we are in an ever changing world withexciting new opportunities ahead of us
  5. Old thinking rules – The fact that you have a large store estate and lots of investment in the “non-digital” world, does not make this more important than the digital world. You must become open to new ways of thinking and radically change the way you view your “non-digital” assets
  6. Legacy is hard to change – but legacy is not necessarily going to take your business forward. Your customers “want, what they want and when they want it”.  You must look at your entire legacy system and change what needs to be changed for the future, digitally led world
  7. A complete rethink is not for the faint-hearted– To radically change your business for the new world is not for the faint-hearted.  You need to be strong and “you need balls” – the new world is nothing like the old world and only the digitally strong will survive
  8. You need support – There is no way you can make these changes alone, rally round a team who support the vision and can help you deliver it
  9. You need a plan (unlike Brexit!) – Plan what you are going to change and start to make small changes.
  10. Listen to your customers and make sure you “fail fast” – time is not on your side
  11. You need to enjoy the ride – This is a long, new and exciting journey into unchartered territory. The future is amazing and very exciting, so enjoy the change and experiences along the way

    Final thought: If you have not started your Digital Transformation journey…Start NOW, there is no time to lose!

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