How do you make the most of Klout

June 18, 2014

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How do you make the most of Klout

As an Ecommerce business, Social Media is critical for your success now and in the future. 

I would like to introduce you to Klout, which measures your Social Media influence and scores you out of 100.

100 is the best score and the most influential – Barack Obama and Justin Bieber are two people that have a 100 score (obviously for very different reasons!)

It is very hard to get past the mid 50’s, and then past the mid 60’s….anybody in the 70’s and above is a top flight influencer!!

I have been looking deeper into Klout over the last few weeks, and for businesses wanting to grow themselves online, this is a great mechanism to monitor your status and grow your status.

I have written a blog explaining 12 ways you can use Klout – I am sure some of these you will find of great use:

1. Finding the experts – The Klout strapline is “Be Known for what you love” – If people are talking about what they love, they are generally experts in that area

2. Understanding which networks you influence best – Klout will rank the % contribution of each network.  This helps you target your followers better on the social media networks where you influence the best.

Klout networks 15-06-14














3. Finding great content – Klout will suggest great content based on your keywords (which you set up in your profile) and what you share

4. Schedule content based on user engagement – A fantastic feature is the ability to schedule message s based on user engagement (something I normally see on Email marketing software such as Mailchimp).  This takes the guessing out of when to post an update to get maximum engagement

Klout schedule 15-06-14









5. When sharing a story from Klout you can use Klout to recommend people in your network that are likely to engage with the story.  Really clever thinking and software

Klout suggested people 15-06-14


6. Your Klout score changes daily – like anything that you want to improve, using Klout can help you to improve your social media status, by motivating you to achieve an extra point

7. Klout scores can be used to help you hire a person.  If you are in the marketing business,  you can check out applicants Klout scores and see if they fit the grades you want during the recruitment process.

8. It is also very useful for a recruiting customer focused business (i.e for Retail or Ecommerce businesses) – a person with a higher Klout score is more likely to interact and understand your customers online

9. From a personal point of view, the better your score the better the perks.  A higher score means that you have a higher influence in Social media – this is worth money to advertisers, and they will reward you will cool perks – such as when a US airport offered free Business lounges to people with 60+ Klout Scores.

10. A great simple app – on both iOS and Android there is a simple app to allow you to share stories and engage on the go – great for our busy mobile lives.

11. Recommending your partners, colleagues and people who you engage with – you can “K+” a person for their keywords – thus reinforcing their expertise in their expert areas.

12. Your Klout score is public – other people will be using your Klout score when they research you.  If you are in the social media business, you need to appreciate that this score can be used by potential clients to see if you are “walking the walk”.