Instagram starts paid advertising

September 19, 2014

Instagram Antony Welfare


Instagram announces that it is rolling out Paid for advertising in the UK.

This has been long anticipated since the Facebook acquisition and is part of Facebooks’ monetise business strategy.

I think this is a good move for retailers and the Social Media world, as it will help to level the playing field for all social media networks and allow you to connect with your customers where they use social media.

I will be testing out the new PPC with my online store, and I advise my clients to do the same.  Try with a small budget per day and track the results from these tests.

I have no idea if this will work on Instagram, but in my experience the costs of the PPC will be low at the beginning and you could see surprising and lucrative results.

Remember, your customers choose which social media networks that they prefer.  Your products and service could be valuable for the users of Instagram, so try the new PPC opportunity and monitor the results.

Introduction to Instagram from Social Media Essentials:

Instagram is a photo image social network where you upload and share a photo or image. There are a number of “filers” built into the apps where you are uploading the images. These range from making the photo brighter and bolder to making it black and white. These are easy to sue tools, which can help define your book and your business.  You can also put text onto the message carrying the image which makes Instagram more interactional.

As a business, it is quite hard to work out how to use Instagram at the moment, but people tend to photograph where they are, what they are doing and put comments and it builds up again an image, and an understanding of the person.

Your customers may not really look at Instagram too much, but they may see a picture of you delivering a training event. They may see a picture of your product and just sets them off thinking that they want to know more about this person.

For me, Instagram is another method of just bringing new people into your community and your network. You could find that some people love Instagram and they use it lots to view and share images, not having a presence on Instgram could mean that you miss gaining these people in your community.