Is Klout making a comeback? What is the future for Klout?

June 15, 2014

Recently my world of “Klout” has been reignited.  I joined the Social Media scoring platform back in 2010, but after a few months I got bored tracking it and never really used it much.

A couple of things have brought me back to Klout, and I have been looking at their new business model and plans, plus what I think is a very clever future potential.

The first reason was the Klout plugin on my browser – I am not sure how it appeared, but I accepted the plugin and now my twitter feed shows everybody’s Klout scores on their tweets – and that caught my attention.

The second reason was reading a couple of articles with the Klout founder and CEO Joe Fernandez, where he talks about how the platform has changed to offer the user new articles to share – bearing in mind this is what you are measured on, it makes sense to help users to share relevant content.

Antony Welfare Klout score 15-06-14

What is the future for Klout?

In my view the future of Klout is going to get much better and stronger – there are no clear competitors yet, so Klout has an opportunity here.

  1. Increased use of perks for people with certain interests and expertise.  The more targeted and focussed a person, the more valuable their content and opinions are.  This means that Klout can be used as a place to find and see the rating of experts.
  2. Marketing opportunities for Brands, Retailers and Etailers – Imagine you are testing a new product, and you want people with a large social media influence to test and talk about your product – Klout has that data and access to those users
  3. Industry recruitment can be made easier when you understand a persons Klout score.  If they are looking for a job in the Social media and Digital Marketing arena, then a good Klout score is a must
  4. Customer focussed recruitment can use the Klout score.  If you are recruiting people who are working with customers everyday you would want people who are social – measuring their Klout score can help you understand a person, as part of a wider recruitment process.