Leaders Need Followers – Leadership Book

Leaders Need Followers - Cover - 08-02-15

Leaders Need Followers – Is the ONLY Leadership book written for Leaders to understand HOW and WHY to use Social Media in their world of Leadership.

How to use Social Media as a Leader:

Why use Social Media as a Leader:

Social Media is here to stay and your teams use it – you MUST understand and use Social Media to keep up with your teams and your competitors

Benefits of Social Media for leaders:

• Learn more about your business, your industry and your team.
• Share more of yourself as a leader – we are all human and only one of us exists – Social Media allows you as a leader to share more of yourself with more people. More people can get to know you and your business which means more customers and more informed teams
• Find connections and business experiences you never knew existed – across the globe

“Leaders Need Followers” is written by a two leading experts in the business and organisational behaviour world.

The combination of these two forces provides all leaders with a practical insight into how to manage their presence, and status, in the new world of Social Media.

Antony is Retailer, Ecommerce professional and an expert who uses Social Media in his businesses to make money. He has been a Director in large multinational companies and in leadership roles in many smaller businesses.

Cheryl is the Director of Executive Education at Loughborough University, and has spent her career understanding the psychology of behaviour in organisations and by leaders. Cheryl has developed many Olympians over her career and taken this experience to her Executive Education programmes and lectures.

Never before have a business leader and an Organisational psychologist joined forces and written a comprehensive book to help all leaders navigate the world of Social Media.