Mary Portas – Just another Charity shop

July 13, 2014
Retail Potential Mary Portas Highgate

Just another Charity Shop

I have just been to to visit the new Mary Portas charity shop Mary’s Living and Giving in Highgate Village.

Very nice shop fit and lovely shop assistant. There was a lot of womens clothes, in a small shop and a few books.  The concept, according to Mary Portas, is to get the local people to leave their good clothes at the shop and these will be sold for the charity – The mens items I looked at were donated by the brands themselves, not the locals.

Mary suggests that this small charity shop will bring life back to Highgate High Street……

Let’s see if it does help drive footfall to the High Street – I do not think another charity shop will make any difference.

Highgate has too many and this one is the same as all the rest – just looks a lot better 🙂

I would suggest less charity shops and more “dual purpose” small shops…..If smaller shops use their resources (Product, Staff, Space, Creativity etc) they can build an Ecommerce business alongside their physical business and become much more successful.

Unfortunately the government, and their advisors, do not understand the power of the Etail world.  If they did, our High Streets would be much more successful.

As a smaller shop GET ONLINE and use your resources to sell your products to a wider market.