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Guide to Etail Success on Amazon

If you are selling online, you already know that the Amazon marketplace is the biggest ecommerce platform in the world.

With more than 130 million unique visitors per mont and an annual growth rate of over 30% over the last ten years, it holds an influential position in the etail world.

For retailers who want to succeed on Amazon, simply listing your products on the site is not enough. You need to be proactive, and up to date with the ever-evolving trends and requirements that Amazon and your customers require.

With so many customers visiting to the site worldwide, Amazon is a competitive field for retailers. Therefore, you need to make sure your products, and brand, stay one step ahead of your competition.

In this eBook, we’ll share some of the most important strategies that etailers should employ to succeed on Amazon.

Interview with Antony before speaking at the Moda Fashion Trade Show

Antony talks about the important aspects of cash management for retailers, before speaking at the event in February 2012


Please find attached the Foreword (by the former CEO Radley), the Introduction and the First Chapter - Know Your Customer. This very important chapter will help EVERY business understand their customers and is available here as a complimentary gift to help improve your business

"The Retail Inspector" is Book of The Month

October Issue of Better Business Focus - "The Retail Inspector" is Book of The Month inside the magazine! Beating: Steve Jobs, Chris Evans and Sir Alan Sugar!! Now that is not bad going :-)

Boutique Magazine - September 2011

Retail Handbook launches to help
independents get to grips with business

Reaction to the London Riots

Antony Welfare - The Retail Inspector
“What struck me the most about the riots was the response from the community –
once the shocking night (8th August) was over, the communities rallied with
immense pace and spirit – wasn’t that amazing to witness? I felt so good seeing the
“clean up” crews and the general support for the High Streets – it was a great
pleasure to be British once again. What that support showed me, is that the High
Street, and the Independents as part of the High Street, are 100% part of the
community and something the community want – That is a very comforting show of
support for all retailers.”

How to Stand out and Succeed

Independent Shops are an essential part of UK Retailing, but can often find it difficult competing against the big boys. Here Antony Welfare discusses how to develop your USP and gain that all important competitive edge

A1 Retail Magazine - August 2011

Press release in A1 Retail Magazine

Antony Welfare - Press Pack

Press Pack for Antony Welfare - Author - The Retail Handbook

Press Release: The Retail Inspector

Reach your maximum potential with the Retail Inspector! The press release launching the Retail Inspector alongside the book launch

The Retail Handbook

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