Retailvention #Nespresso #London

February 16, 2015

Nespresso – New retailing innovation in the UK

This new concept focuses, on telling the brand story by providing a tailored, educational and experimental experience for the customers, where they can try out the different blends of coffee and live the experience of a high level coffee brand.

Retailvention - Nespresso

Nespresso has identified the development of the British customer from coffee drinker to coffee connoisseur. They have used this increasingly discerning taste as inspiration for the customer experience in-store.  They have opened outlets on London Regent Street, Selfridges Oxford Street and Brompton Road (next to Harrods), as well as Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin

The London flagship boutique, offers customers a multi-sensory space where they can discover the entire coffee range, while enhancing consumer perceptions of the brand’s coffee expertise.

Nespresso has created a convincing and enticing brand experience, around the tiny core product of a coffee capsule. The visual merchandising is aspirational and the service of an equally high standard, achieved through Nespresso’s decision to recruit its staff from hospitality backgrounds rather than retail.  The Nespresso academy ensures the highest quality of training for the staff, at the beginning and on-going.

Retailvention - Nespresso

The store ambience works well to provide the customer with a uniquely personalised experience, featuring a number of different areas. The Tasting Area, for example, is managed by a team of coffee specialists to guide customer tastings. The store makes use of video walls and tablets to provide a huge visual impact and allow for deeper customer engagement with the brand and its products.

Retailvention - Nespresso

Retailers are finding new ways to delight their customers. The Nespresso idea of the store goes beyond simple merchandising to creating an engaging and memorable experience for customers.

They have managed to make a humble coffee capsule into a high margin aspirational brand.

Making their boutiques aspirational destination stores, they have redefined luxury in a commoditised world.




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