When is Social Media Engagement the Highest? Weekend or weekday?

March 1, 2015

We all have the same challenges with Social media regarding the times of the week we post our content.  Understanding WHEN your community engages the most is importantly to help you schedule your content at a time when your community is most engaged.

Most marketers post when THEY are at work and not when the CUSTOMER is engaged

Social media Essentials When to Post

A survey by ArygleSocial, has shown that for a B2B company, engagement is highest on twitter in the weekdays.  For us, this makes sense as we are at work and acting as businesses during the week.  Interestingly, Facebook engagement is slightly higher in the week, but not significantly. I would assume this is due to the fact that Facebook is used a lot less for B2B and therefore there is a lower overall usage.

For a B2C company, Facebook engagement is significantly better at weekends, showing us that a marketing campaign on Facebook should be set for the weekend more than during the week.  Twitter is similar but to a lesser extent.

Social media Engagement days

It is clear to see from this research that a B2B company should look to use Twitter campaigns in the week, and a B2C company should look to maximise Facebook campaigns at the weekend.

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