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The world of Social Media has revolutionised our lives. Whether we accept it or not, there is no doubt that Social Media is here and makes an impact on our everyday life.

I absolutely love Social Media and have embraced it wholly. I live my life using social media for both business and pleasure. I am a technology and gadget person, and Social Media was a new to me in 2007. I took a while to get into the world of Social Media – mainly due to privacy concerns, but once I fully embraced it, my life changed for the better.

I can say that thanks to Social Media, I have added a lot of value and joy to my personal life and I have added a lot of value to my businesses and my own understanding of life.

In the Social Media Essentials books, you find strategies and plans to help revolutionise your business and your world.

The great benefit of Social Media, is when you can share and help your community grow and become happier and more informed. This has been the biggest benefit for me and my life. I can now add value to my community in whichever part of the world they live in.

Social Media allows you to see and understand the world like never before, and this should not be taken for granted.

The world of the internet and Social Media is not without problems, but you can manage your risk by using Social Media intelligently. I have never experienced any big problems with social media. It takes time to get used to it and understand it for yourself, but once you do, it will add value.

I hope this Social Media Essentials book helps you understand more about the world of Social Media, and you learn how to market your book and build a community around your book. This will help you become more than an author, you will become a thought leader and you will start to change people’s lives around the world.

I wish you all the best on your Social Media journey and I look forward to interacting with you on your way.

Very best wishes

Antony Welfare

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  • your current Social Media isn’t generating good enough results
  • you think that Social Media is just a waste of time
  • you need to know what works and what doesn’t
  • you do not have a proper Social Media strategy
  • you needs to be more easily ‘discovered’ by potential customers
  • you need to understand what are the most effective platforms for your business
  • you want to avoid the most common mistakes on Social Media Essentials

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Why you must adopt Social Media

We have now passed a point where social media is an optional extra in your life or your business life – it is here and it offers amazing opportunities for you and your business.

Social media is not a fad, and it is not going to go away. The companies that are leading the social media world, the big worldwide companies, which are valued at billions of pounds, are growing and changing the world around you.

Social media companies are big and powerful – they are worth hundreds of billions of pounds.  A recent example of how big social media is, in terms of business deals, is when Facebook bought a messaging system for 16 billion dollars. Now, 16 billion dollars was what Ukraine needed to bail itself out of the problems. So Facebook in theory could have bought a country, that is a powerful place to be for any company.

Social media and the companies that are leading this, have so much money, so much influence, they are bigger and more powerful than countries.  As far as I am concerned, if you are a person and more importantly as a business, you need to join this, you need to get on to social media.

Even if you only use one of the social media sites, one blog, Facebook page, you don’t need to be on everything, but you need to get on to this now because in 10 years’ time it will be a lot bigger and a lot more connected.

Companies and businesses that have adopted the world of social media are seeing big benefits in terms of business and for the people in the world.  Before social media you would have been unlikely to connect with people within another town in your country and you are certain to be unable to connect with people in most countries around the world.

Your world, personal and business, will change when you start to use social media, and Social media essentials is THE guide for you.


Antony Welfare provides a holistic account of not only how Social Media has evolved to become THE dominant marketing tool, but also provides key insight into how Social Media can change how business is conducted. This book provides easy-to-understand steps that show how Social Media can increase your market share via intelligent application and careful strategic positioning.

Chris Davies, Managing Director, Engage Insight

Antony is steeped in sales and passionate about Social Media. This book covers everything from the basic ‘What is Social Media?’ through to what the future might hold. But the bit in the middle is priceless for any author – how to create your Social Media strategy presented in a straightforward and easy plan to be implemented today. Enjoy!

Sue Ingram, Executive Coach

People are usually caught in one of two categories; 1. Knowing about Social Media but not understanding why they should get involved; 2. Getting wholeheartedly involved but not getting results – and still wondering why. With this book, it really puts everything into perspective in a clear concise read that can be used to build your strategy. As an author, I know how difficult it was to know where to even start – I wish this book had been around then! Social Media is here to stay. People are jumping on the bandwagon without a clear understanding of why and therefore not utilising this massive marketing tool – and it’s FREE! Antony sets out the why, the when and, quite simply, the how. An essential read for anyone in business.

Gill Tiney, Co-founder of BeCollaboration, international speaker, author and coach