Superdry to open on London’s Regent Street…and “Window” shopping…

June 21, 2011

The Retail Inspector – High-Street-1

SuperGroup have announced that its fast growing fashion brand Superdry is to open a new flagship store on London’s Regent Street.

When placed next to the recent store openings of Hollister, Burberry and Abercrombie & Fitch on Regent Street, the group hopes it will help boost an already strong pitch in London’s West End into a major fashion location that’s world-renowned.

The store itself will be used as an international showpiece and as Superdry’s London showroom, compromising 59,000 gross sq ft.

Although SuperGroup have said they are planning a “phased approach” for the site, they aim to open towards the end of the financial year.

As well as this new flagship store, SuperGroup have made plans to open between six and ten Superdry stores in the first half of its financial year, with three new stores in the first quarter.

In addition to this, the group have said that Internet sales were also on the same level of growth, accounting for 8pc of group sales. And, they look to expand here too, with French, German and Belgian websites already up and running, the group are set to go live in the Netherlands very soon – with the belief that its internet sales could reach at least 20pc of overall sales.

Julian Dunkerton, chief executive, commented: “Our business continues to grow strongly and we are pleased to be announcing today the signing of our flagship Regent Street Superdry store, which we intend opening towards the end of the year.”

The growth of Superdry as a fashion retailer is something of an overnight success, compared with other brands that take years to even break onto the market – Superdry’s first store opened in Covent Garden back in 2004.

2008 saw a nationwide expansion of the brand, with Superdry branching out to over 20 countries across 4 continents – truly making it a global brand in a matter of years.

In other news…

Window shopping is the new… well, shopping.

Shoppers will soon be able to see how they look wearing the latest fashions on display in shop windows from the pavement outside, all with the help of new technology being developed.

Researchers are developing a system whereby the shopper stores information about their body measurements on their mobile phones so that when they walk past a shop window, a three dimensional model will be projected onto a screen. Showing them exactly what they will look like in the stores clothes.

Motion tracking technology will also be used so the customer can twirl and admire the projected outfit, just as it would look on them.

The possibilities seem to be endless, shoppers can choose different styles and sizes with a simple hand gesture from outside – opening up a whole new world of shopping.

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi film, but researchers are keen to put an end to the fixed plastic shape of the mannequin in favour of personalisation.