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The Social Media Revolution is here…Join it…or be left behind

I have been a part of the internet world since the early 1990’s when we have an Ethernet network installed into the Halls of residence I was living in…..This “cable” has literally changed my life and shaped my life today and forever This is a big claim, but I cannot stress how importan… More

Small Business Confidence is up!

Great news – Global SME confidence is at a 3 year High! Are you feeling good about your business and it’s prospects? I know my businesses are preparing for an amazing 2014 and here’s the top 3 things that we are doing, to prepare for more growth: Preparing for the growth of quality – … More

The first trip to the shop and some amazing research at the local library

It’s early Saturday morning and we are in the car on our way to see the Family shop and research the history at the local library……. After a very long day in the area we find the following: The listings of the shop in the local directories The advertising in the local Directories, dating ba… More

The New book planning starts this year

After publishing the successful Retail Handbook in 2011 I have been working with many E-commerce Retailers and growing many successful E-commerce Businesses. I spent the Christmas period with the family and found out some amazing facts about the family Retail Dynasty and an amazing photo of the shop that we s… More