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Amazon #1 Bestseller – The Retail Handbook

A massive THANK YOU to all of you who supported my book over since I published in Feb – as of yesterday I become a #1 Amazon best seller in all three categories the book is listed ….above #Jeffbesos and #Amazon, #SamWalton from #Walmart and of course #MrSelfridge – A fabulous store and our f… More

The good the bad and the reality of digital transformation in retail

Summary of Workshop with Antony Welfare discussing Digital Transformation in Retail Download the PDF version here It goes without saying that retail is one of the most public examples of how the need to integrate online and offline experiences has revolutionised an industry. Whilst disruptive brands and techn… More

Tesco shares – Click & Collect a bargain?

This week has been a very bad week for Tesco, in fact the last 12 months has seen Tesco fall from grace, and hit the ground with a very large thump.  The announcements on Monday, about the accounting Scandal, which I covered on Sky News, was the final nail in the coffin. The value of Tesco shares are now be… More

The E-Revolution – Disrupting old business models

As part of the E-Revolution, “disruptive technologies” have been responsible for the demise of a significant number of large and small businesses, primarily because it has enabled people to challenge traditional operating models. One of the biggest upsets was the invention and adoption of peer-to-… More

Mary Portas – Just another Charity shop

Just another Charity Shop I have just been to to visit the new Mary Portas charity shop Mary’s Living and Giving in Highgate Village. Very nice shop fit and lovely shop assistant. There was a lot of womens clothes, in a small shop and a few books.  The concept, according to Mary Portas, is to get the l… More

7 Mistakes when building an Ecommerce business – Podcast

We are pleased to share our founders Podcast on the 7 Mistakes when building an Ecommerce business from our podcast partners   7 Mistakes when creating an Ecommerce business Avoid these 7 Deadly Mistakes when creating an Ecommerce business   Antony Welfare has been a retail and Ecommerce expert for ove… More

ASOS on Fire for second time

  Thanks to pic.twitter.com/dHMfTFea0d for the picture Massive fire closes etailer ASOS  This is the second big fire in it’s short history – both caused significant damage and closed the website. It is a sobering thought when you see such damage to an internet/online company. We live in a… More

How do you make the most of Klout

How do you make the most of Klout As an Ecommerce business, Social Media is critical for your success now and in the future. I would like to introduce you to Klout, which measures your Social Media influence and scores you out of 100.100 is the best score and the most influential – Barack Obama and… More

3 easy ways market “you” as a brand online

  We all know that we should represent ourselves to the best of our abilities at all times in life and especially in business. This also applies online, and we must make sure we represent our own brand online as well as offline. Here are my 3 key tips to be your own brand: Network, Network, Network Netw… More

Is Klout making a comeback? What is the future for Klout?

Recently my world of “Klout” has been reignited.  I joined the Social Media scoring platform back in 2010, but after a few months I got bored tracking it and never really used it much. A couple of things have brought me back to Klout, and I have been looking at their new business model and plans,… More