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Amazon #1 Bestseller – The Retail Handbook

A massive THANK YOU to all of you who supported my book over since I published in Feb – as of yesterday I become a #1 Amazon best seller in all three categories the book is listed ….above #Jeffbesos and #Amazon, #SamWalton from #Walmart and of course #MrSelfridge – A fabulous store and our f… More

Mary Portas – Just another Charity shop

Just another Charity Shop I have just been to to visit the new Mary Portas charity shop Mary’s Living and Giving in Highgate Village. Very nice shop fit and lovely shop assistant. There was a lot of womens clothes, in a small shop and a few books.  The concept, according to Mary Portas, is to get the l… More

Why Small High Street shops FAIL

There is an excellent article in the Telegraph today discussing the High Streets and why it is important to get the councils involved in making the businesses successful. Whilst I agree the council needs to help, I believe that the issue lies with the Small business owner themselves….I find that the ma… More

The History of Retailing…Lesson #2 #Standards

In Lesson #1 I talked about “Tell the customer what you sell”.  For my second lesson, I would like to introduce a much more current example from a Marks & Spencer store opening I managed in November 2003. “Store Standards” is a fundamental Retail lesson – Making your store l… More

The History of Retailing…Lesson #1 #Sell

Today I wanted to share my experience of Retailing from 1923 to today….and you are correct I was not alive in 1923…but my Great-Grandfather set up the first family shop in March 1923. The business he set up was a provisions shop on an English High Street at the ripe old age of 23.  He was a ve… More

2014 – The year Mobile takes the internet to new places?

The CEO of Yahoo has suggested that this year the internet will evolve and take us to new places. For retailers this is such an important factor to take into account – The internet is here to stay and it will only get stronger and more exciting. All retailers MUST embrace the internet and all it has t… More

Retail Sales for December 2013 – Who is right? 5.3% increase on the year?

I love this time of year – Lots of experts predict how good or bad Christmas was for Retailers.  My view is to wait for the figures and you will see, but what I know from my clients and my own shops, is that is was an OK December. Yes, you had to use clever discounting, but the customers did spend&#823… More

Target your customers on products THEY are likely to buy in store…and send them a secure offer

Imagine if you could tell customers about your products that THEY love, as they walk into your store? That is exactly what Apple iBeacon is for – this new technology allows retailers to target the customer when in a 20m (Bluetooth) range If you have aligned your App store to the iBeacon – you can … More