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Why Small High Street shops FAIL

There is an excellent article in the Telegraph today discussing the High Streets and why it is important to get the councils involved in making the businesses successful. Whilst I agree the council needs to help, I believe that the issue lies with the Small business owner themselves….I find that the ma… More

The History of Retailing…Lesson #2 #Standards

In Lesson #1 I talked about “Tell the customer what you sell”.  For my second lesson, I would like to introduce a much more current example from a Marks & Spencer store opening I managed in November 2003. “Store Standards” is a fundamental Retail lesson – Making your store l… More

The History of Retailing…Lesson #1 #Sell

Today I wanted to share my experience of Retailing from 1923 to today….and you are correct I was not alive in 1923…but my Great-Grandfather set up the first family shop in March 1923. The business he set up was a provisions shop on an English High Street at the ripe old age of 23.  He was a ve… More

Day two at the British Library Newspapers Archives Collection

Another great, but tiring day at the British Library We have looked through newspapers from 1918 to 1943. It is very interesting to read the newspapers during the war period – lots of handy hints on what to cook and how to clean your home during rationing It does remind me how lucky we are – we … More

A Day of Research at The British Library Newspaper Articles

Today we have spent the day looking through newspapers from 1921 to 1930 The building is amazing and looking through old newspapers is a very interesting way to spend your day The best part of the day is that we found the advert for the launch of my Great Grandfathers shop, the announcement of my Gran’… More

The first trip to the shop and some amazing research at the local library

It’s early Saturday morning and we are in the car on our way to see the Family shop and research the history at the local library……. After a very long day in the area we find the following: The listings of the shop in the local directories The advertising in the local Directories, dating ba… More

The New book planning starts this year

After publishing the successful Retail Handbook in 2011 I have been working with many E-commerce Retailers and growing many successful E-commerce Businesses. I spent the Christmas period with the family and found out some amazing facts about the family Retail Dynasty and an amazing photo of the shop that we s… More