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Blockchain in Retail: Omnichannel retailers can now compete and beat Amazon!

I recently spoke at the FTLive Future of Retail Summit with a distinguished list of attendees and keynotes speakers from the biggest retailers and brands around the world. In an ever complex Retail world, the basics are critical: You must have one view of your customer and one view of your stock With Blockc… More

The Good, The Bad and The reality of Digital Transformation in Retail

THE REALITY FOR FINANCE PROFESSIONALS WITHIN RETAIL In partnership with Stanton House, I hosted a Finance Director evening to discuss Digital Transformation in Retail. The ongoing external pressure and expectation to invest in digital transformation and a consumer first strategy continues to have a fundamen… More

Cut the Bull**** – Retail Means Retail

  Buzzwords are found in every industry and in our industry we have a few buzzwords around…omnichannel, multichannel, multiple channels and ecommerce…….these are not new forms of retail… Retail means Retail – and the basic principles still apply just as they did in the past… More