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Ranked #2 in The UK’s Most Influential Independent Digital Transformation Experts

Very pleased to be ranked #2 in The UK’s Most Influential Independent Digital Transformation Experts Link to the list here Thanks for the feedback and support   … More

Disruptive Blockchain technology replaces the current broken system

Where have we come from with the internet: Search Social Ecommerce Products Information/Transactions What are the problem with the current Internet companies? Severe lack of Trust Lack of Openness Serious Security issues and concerns Poor Quality systems Increased Cost for customers and users and most im… More

Antony Welfare Joins EEA

Antony Welfare is a digital retail expert who is connecting blockchain technology with brick and mortar storefronts. ETHNews had an opportunity to speak with one of the newest members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), Antony Welfare. His work in retail over the past decade-and-a-half often took hi… More

2014 – The year Mobile takes the internet to new places?

The CEO of Yahoo has suggested that this year the internet will evolve and take us to new places. For retailers this is such an important factor to take into account – The internet is here to stay and it will only get stronger and more exciting. All retailers MUST embrace the internet and all it has t… More

The Social Media Revolution is here…Join it…or be left behind

I have been a part of the internet world since the early 1990’s when we have an Ethernet network installed into the Halls of residence I was living in…..This “cable” has literally changed my life and shaped my life today and forever This is a big claim, but I cannot stress how importan… More

Antony Welfare Talks to Sky News about Christmas Trading

  Today is the businest shopping day on the UK High Streets and Antony Welfare spoke to Sky News about his thoughts on the Christmas season for Retailers … More

Making The Most of Christmas: Key Tips for Success

Paypal have kindly added their Top Tips for Christmas selling…I have to say they have captured the key points perfectly…Read on and Here’s to a successful Christmas 2013 🙂 Making The Most of Christmas: Key Tips for Success   Preparing your Product, Content, Sites, and Marketing to M… More

Target your customers on products THEY are likely to buy in store…and send them a secure offer

Imagine if you could tell customers about your products that THEY love, as they walk into your store? That is exactly what Apple iBeacon is for – this new technology allows retailers to target the customer when in a 20m (Bluetooth) range If you have aligned your App store to the iBeacon – you can … More

Small Business Confidence is up!

Great news – Global SME confidence is at a 3 year High! Are you feeling good about your business and it’s prospects? I know my businesses are preparing for an amazing 2014 and here’s the top 3 things that we are doing, to prepare for more growth: Preparing for the growth of quality – … More

Setting Up shop

There is a great article from CNBC telling the story of two entrepreneurs opened the UK’s first Frozen Yogurt store.  It talks about there succesful journey and is a stark, and welcome, contrast to the usual doom and gloom High Street reports If you have a good business idea and manage your store well … More