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Amazon #1 Bestseller – The Retail Handbook

A massive THANK YOU to all of you who supported my book over since I published in Feb – as of yesterday I become a #1 Amazon best seller in all three categories the book is listed ….above #Jeffbesos and #Amazon, #SamWalton from #Walmart and of course #MrSelfridge – A fabulous store and our f… More

Amazon – “Home of Black Friday” Store Visit – Nov 22 2017

I have just been to visit the very interesting #Amazon #BlackFriday pop-up store in Soho square, #London, UK and it was a very fun and pleasant experience – with #Mince pies everywhere!!! The outside of the store looks very “christmasy” with plenty of Christmas decorations and lots of gifts and home fu… More

Ranked #2 in The UK’s Most Influential Independent Digital Transformation Experts

Very pleased to be ranked #2 in The UK’s Most Influential Independent Digital Transformation Experts Link to the list here Thanks for the feedback and support   … More

The good the bad and the reality of digital transformation in retail

Summary of Workshop with Antony Welfare discussing Digital Transformation in Retail Download the PDF version here It goes without saying that retail is one of the most public examples of how the need to integrate online and offline experiences has revolutionised an industry. Whilst disruptive brands and techn… More

Mary Portas – Just another Charity shop

Just another Charity Shop I have just been to to visit the new Mary Portas charity shop Mary’s Living and Giving in Highgate Village. Very nice shop fit and lovely shop assistant. There was a lot of womens clothes, in a small shop and a few books.  The concept, according to Mary Portas, is to get the l… More

The History of Retailing…Lesson #1 #Sell

Today I wanted to share my experience of Retailing from 1923 to today….and you are correct I was not alive in 1923…but my Great-Grandfather set up the first family shop in March 1923. The business he set up was a provisions shop on an English High Street at the ripe old age of 23.  He was a ve… More

Antony Welfare Talks to Sky News about Christmas Trading

  Today is the businest shopping day on the UK High Streets and Antony Welfare spoke to Sky News about his thoughts on the Christmas season for Retailers … More

The Retail Handbook to be launched in India on October 1st 2013

I am extremely excited to share the news that my book will be launched in India in October 2013 This is a massive step forward for my book which is still selling consistently in the UK and USA I am pleased with the new cover design that my Indian publishers have worked on – different to the original v… More

Editing the draft chapters…..

Having a great time editing the draft chapters 🙂 It is great to see how the book will look once printed and the images and diagrams are fantastic – this book will be amazing 🙂 … More

New Book Cover agreed….

Wow – We have finally agreed the new cover design for the book 🙂 Things are progressing well for publishing in the next couple of months with chapter sign off’s in the next two weeks!!   … More