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Rest in peace Steve Jobs…

I’d like to begin this week’s blog by stating that my thoughts are with the family and friends of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple who sadly passed away Wednesday night. Steve Jobs was a genius outright who changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. His innovative and entrepreneurial mind has h… More

Is it Game over for a certain high-street retailer?

Game Group, the country’s biggest specialist retailer of video games, suggests that the gaming industry could go the same was as the music and film business: terminal decline. The period between early February and the end of July saw a decline in the sales of video games hardware – the physical consoles … More

JD reflects on damage caused by last month’s rioters…

Sports Fashion retailer JD Sports announced last month that around £700,000 of stock was looted in last month’s riots, which saw the capital engulfed in disorder. In total, 16 stores in London, Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham were hit by the anarchy on the streets, with six London stores suffering … More

Apple to be crowned the world’s most valuable company…Retail Trust has launched a twitter campaign, #highstheroes

The technology goliath is likely to be crowned the world’s most valuable company tomorrow after briefly stealing the coveted title from Exxon Mobil earlier yesterday as stock markets on Wall Street rebounded. Estimates report that the market capitalisation of the manufacturer responsible for the iPad and … More

It’s a bumper blog…Cheaper petrol and beer! Big respect to all Retailers effected by the troubles :-)

It’s a bumper blog… Firstly, we send our Respect and Best wishes to all the Retailers effected by the troubles – never have we seen such behaviour and we are here to offer our full support and best wishes to get this fixed. ——————————&#8212… More

Move over Buzz, Woody and Vader – Lightning McQueen is in town…

One of the biggest retail markets is film franchising and over recent years few films have dominated the market. Star Wars and Toy Story have long been the biggest film franchises, with both releasing everything from toys, clothing and video games to bed sheets and alarm clocks. However Disney’s Pixar stud… More

OAP’s demand M&S’s attention…as Jamie leaves Sainsburys

Marks and Spencer have been accused of failing to cater to the fashion needs of its over 60’s shoppers. The “golden oldies” expressed concerns that all across the high street retailers were favouring increasingly racy outfits, obviously designed for the younger generations. A 2000-strong crowd gathered … More

Amazon to create a whole host of new UK jobs…and Freddie becomes brand ambassador

Good news this week as Amazon, the online retailer, is to create more than 900 new jobs here in Britain. How does an online retailer create so many jobs you may ask? Well, the jobs come with their plans to open up a seventh UK fulfilment centre. The packing warehouse that will measure around 700,000 square fe… More

Ashley’s at it again…and Tesco does Windows? Really?……

Mike Ashley, founder of Sports Direct and owner of Newcastle Football Club have angered investors again with his latest acquisition. As if he wasn’t already unpopular enough with the Newcastle supporters and shareholders in Sports Direct – Mr Ashley has recently agreed to pay £7m to acquire an 80pc holdi… More

Vending machines that sell gold!…and M&M Shops!

I’m not referring to Gold Bars as in the chocolate biscuit, no, the UK’s first 24crt gold selling ATM machine opened up in Westfield earlier this week. The company behind the gold bar vending machines have plans to install 50 across Britain over the next few years, thus allowing your everyday shopper to i… More