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How to spend Bitcoin on your shopping – What are the benefits and how does it work?

Bitcoin As I learn more about Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum, I have decided to open a Bitcoin debit card to test out paying for my goods and services with a Bitcoin backed card. I am UK based, but I travel a lot to Europe and have applied for a EUR card. This is a fantastic benefit of Bitcoin as I can purc… More

Blockchain is the new commerce

Over the last few months I have been researching, the very exciting world of Blockchain and learning about this technology. I believe that Blockchain can lead to an entirely new eco-system of commerce and transacting across the world, and across all industries. I am looking at blockchain through the eyes of… More

How can Blockchain affect the Retail and Consumer brand sector?

The Retail industry is a globally connected network of suppliers, brands, retailers and customers – interacting in both physical stores and with digital online channels. Retail, per-se, is a very simple concept – you buy a product and sell it on to your customer, but the complexities of this on a global … More