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Tesco 2014: The year to regret – Tesco 2015: The Birth of a New Tesco

This morning I discussed Tescos’ disastrous 2014, the Christmas trading results and the future for Tesco on Sky News. Tesco has had an extremely difficult 2014 with many issues, which led to a significant fall in sales, profits and the share value: · Tesco sales and profits have fallen significantly · Te… More

Tesco shares – Click & Collect a bargain?

This week has been a very bad week for Tesco, in fact the last 12 months has seen Tesco fall from grace, and hit the ground with a very large thump.  The announcements on Monday, about the accounting Scandal, which I covered on Sky News, was the final nail in the coffin. The value of Tesco shares are now be… More

Tesco Accounting Scandal – A corporate governance failure?

  This morning, Tesco shocked the markets with an announcement acknowledging their profits for the previous six months were at least £250 million pounds lower than they announced a month ago. They also announced that several people had been suspended, including 4 senior executives, and that Deliottes … More

Ashley’s at it again…and Tesco does Windows? Really?……

Mike Ashley, founder of Sports Direct and owner of Newcastle Football Club have angered investors again with his latest acquisition. As if he wasn’t already unpopular enough with the Newcastle supporters and shareholders in Sports Direct – Mr Ashley has recently agreed to pay £7m to acquire an 80pc holdi… More

Forget Lord Sugar – Co-op is looking for 2,000 apprentices…and welcome to the Fijit……

The Co-op announced earlier this week that they will be creating 2,000 apprenticeships over the next three years as it attempts to give young people “proper jobs” with actual career prospects and long-term goals. The scheme will look to recruit under-25s who will be offered places through a new £9m acad… More

Drinkers drown their recession sorrows in cocktails…

We’ve all felt the effects of the recession in some way or another, and recent figures suggest that us Brits have been drowning our sorrows in Pina Coladas, Blue Lagoons, Woo Woos and a whole host of cocktails. The sales of gin, vodka, rum, whisky and brandy brands have boomed, despite the lack of consumer… More

Bread, milk, eggs, toilet rolls, washing-up liquid… and a ’97 Ford Escort with a built-in cassette desk.

If you haven’t already heard, Tesco have delved into the world of second-hand car trading.  Earlier this week they launched ‘Tesco Cars’a website offering thousands of used cars for sale. Tesco chief-exec of retailing services, Andy Higginson, has said that the purpose of the site is to provide a “co… More