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When is Social Media Engagement the Highest? Weekend or weekday?

We all have the same challenges with Social media regarding the times of the week we post our content. ¬†Understanding WHEN your community engages the most is importantly to help you schedule your content at a time when your community is most engaged. Most marketers post when THEY are at work and not when the… More

Use your brain before you share #useyourbrain

I have become increasingly more concerned with people using Social Media who share fact-less, drama induced updates. Over the last few weeks we have had the “Facebook Messenger is taking over my phone saga” and the last 12 hours we have the “London Underground is going to be attacked”.… More

3 easy ways market “you” as a brand online

  We all know that we should represent ourselves to the best of our abilities at all times in life and especially in business. This also applies online, and we must make sure we represent our own brand online as well as offline. Here are my 3 key tips to be your own brand: Network, Network, Network Netw… More