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Commercializing Blockchain launches 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, I reflect on a fantastic year with exciting challenges and some absolutely amazing experiences 👍 My first year at Oracle has been transformational, as I have learnt more about #EmergingTechnology than I could have imagined, together with working with a fantastic hashtag… More

Manuscript edit returned :-)

The edited manuscript arrived this morning!!!!! …..it is being sent to the only person that will find any further mistakes….my mum!!!! I have also sent out seven more testimonial requests 🙂 Looking forward to starting the design and recieving the testimonials … More

Great news…..I have an expert to write the foreword

The BEST email I could have received has arrived…… A very senior and experienced retailer (He has been Vice President of a global retail brand and chairman and CEO of a fantastic luxury retailer) has agreed to write the foreword for the book!! He has read the first 30 page of the Final Draft and thinks th… More

All my reviews are back :-)

All feedback is in from 6 of the 10 reviers as well as the author of Flicks & Clicks – very happy that 6 retail experts have read through 33,000 words and have commented in depth on the content – Thank you all 🙂 5 actions that I need to work on this week- Re-draft introduction Check the exampl… More

Great book launch

Great day – Last night was great to see the book launch and think about my book launch in the summer. I am also very pleased that the author (Mel Henson) has agreed to read my second draft – I am very happy that an expert author will have a look at my manuscript … More

New Book Launch this evening

I have been invited to the book launch of Flicks & Clicks this evening Really excited as this is a retail book and published by the same publisher of my own … More

The book has been named….

The book name has been decided!!!! The Retail Handbook I am buying the websites as we speak 🙂 www.theretailhandbook.com … More

Second draft…Complete now!!

You know I said it was complete last week……well……it wasn’t! I have played with the second draft more and I am now happy to send this to my peers and experts 🙂 They will check the content and concepts I talk about….this is a nervous period as people will see the “manuscript… More

Starting the Second draft……

Ok onto the next stage….. This stage is to write the second draft….by now I have not read the chapters through and have no idea how it all fits together – now is the time to start to get the flow right Our plan is to write the second draft that will become the “manuscript” and will be read b… More

First draft….Finished :-)

FIRST DRAFT FINISHED!! In just 5 weeks I have the first draft of the book and a total of  over 33,000 words and 11 chapters, 2 case studies and some extras!! Really proud I have got this far in 37 hours of focussed writing … More