The Book birth has started…..

February 5, 2011

Today it started…..The Commonwealth club at 8am (very nice place and great location)

There were about 40 of us and we were welcomed by the Triumphant team and were given a lovely “The Book Midwife” folder:

The Retail Inspector - Book Folder

with A3 sheets of paper and a set of coloured pens…..I know what you are thinking and Yes it was like the first day of school  🙂

So Mindy (The book midwife) starts the session and I have to say after a few hours I had understood how to write the book and already drafted the “Mindy Map” of the book and the chapters

The day was amazing….I had no idea how to write a book and the session helped me realise that I could write and amazing book and it would not be too painful….lets see 🙂