The Social Media Revolution is here…Join it…or be left behind

January 6, 2014

I have been a part of the internet world since the early 1990’s when we have an Ethernet network installed into the Halls of residence I was living in…..This “cable” has literally changed my life and shaped my life today and forever

This is a big claim, but I cannot stress how important the World Wide Web and the developments that have followed have driven my businesses and my life to achieve amazing things

Social Media has now become my main obsession – I was very suspicious of Facebook a few years ago, but I lived in the Czech Republic and needed to keep up with all my friends back in the UK and other countries – Facebook solved this problem for me….no longer did I have to send numerous emails – I just updated Facebook! ¬†Life was so much easier

Since then Facebook and all the other social media communities have developed and grown – they now are a part of most lives and more importantly (for my blog) they are now a BIG PART OF EVERY BUSINESS…….

If you do not believe me look at this video for some mind blowing stats……