Why Small High Street shops FAIL

May 28, 2014

Antony Welfare #etail #ecommerce

There is an excellent article in the Telegraph today discussing the High Streets and why it is important to get the councils involved in making the businesses successful.

Whilst I agree the council needs to help, I believe that the issue lies with the Small business owner themselves….I find that the many smaller businesses have less “fight” and less willingness to succeed….I know there are many that do not, but I have met many that would rather blame the “system” and the “internet” than to learn how to USE the “system” and the “internet”!

I have authored the Government’s Digital High Street Skills programme, which is helping get smaller businesses online and into the digital age.

My family started a High Street shop in 1923 and the shop is still there and running….although life has changed and the internet is here..and here to stay.

Smaller shops need to grasp the digital world with both hands – they are in a MUCH STRONGER position than a pure online business….I know as I run a pure online business too.  I would love to have had a physical shop alongside my online gadget business as I know how much easier it is with a physical presence and passing trade.

Engaging with your customers ONLINE AND OFFLINE is the key to PROFITABLE success.

My local town centre is thriving with local shops and we want them to stay and do well.  They are in the main well run and work with the community to give us what we want.

My advice is to GET ONLINE and learn how to manage both your physical shop AND your digital world AS ONE.

Your customers do that…..so should you.