Why Social Media is a must for everyone

September 17, 2014

We have now passed a point where social media is an optional extra in your life or your business life – it is here and it offers amazing opportunities for you and your business.

Social media is not a fad, and it is not going to go away. The companies that are leading the social media world, the big worldwide companies, which are valued at billions of pounds, are growing and changing the world around you.

Social media companies are big and powerful – they are worth hundreds of billions of pounds. A recent example of how big social media is, in terms of business deals, is when Facebook bought a messaging system for 16 billion dollars. Now, 16 billion dollars was what Ukraine needed to bail itself out of the problems. So Facebook in theory could have bought a country, that is a powerful place to be for any company.

Social media and the companies that are leading this, have so much money, so much influence, they are bigger and more powerful than countries. As far as I am concerned, if you are a person and more importantly as a business, you need to join this, you need to get on to social media.

Even if you only use one of the social media sites, one blog, Facebook page, you don’t need to be on everything, but you need to get on to this now because in 10 years’ time it will be a lot bigger and a lot more connected.

Companies and businesses that have adopted the world of social media are seeing big benefits in terms of business and for the people in the world. Before social media you would have been unlikely to connect with people within another town in your country and you are certain to be unable to connect with people in most countries around the world.

Your world, personal and business, will change when you start to use social media.

You will become:

• More knowledgeable
• More connected
• Better known
• Better understood
• Known in places you have never been to
• Admired by your community
• An agent of change for people in your community
• A place where people come to for advice
• A place where you can support people across the world
• An expert in your passion/expertise for your community